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As always, every source needs to be examined for potential bias and inaccuracy.

IX(A) Piltdown Man. Among the individuals advanced as possible hoaxers in the Piltdown Man forgery are theologian and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and lawyer and amateur anthropologist Charles Dawson.

John, David, The Strange Case of the Piltdown Man

Richard Harter's Piltdown Man Pages

Oakley, Kenneth and J. S. Weiner, Piltdown Man

The Piltdown Plot


IX(B) Other Hoaxes

CSICOP's List of Enduring Hoaxes

The Museum of Hoaxes

IX(C) Cults and Freedom of Thought

AFF Website

Yahoo's Listing: Cults

IX(D) Mainstream Science and Alternative Explanations

IX(D)(1) Immanuel Velikovsky

IX(D)(1)(a) Websites

Immanuel Velikovsky

The Immanuel Velikovsky Archives

Science and Pseudoscience: Velikovsky

The Skeptic's Dictionary: Velikovsky

Velikovsky Home Page

IX(D)(2) Perpetual Motion Machines. The United States Patent Office has never issued a patent for a perpetual motion machine, although inventors routinely submit requests for patents for this type of device.

IX(D)(2)(a) Websites

Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines

The Perpetual Motion Page

Perpetual Motion Machines

Professor Hibbert's Perpetual Motion Page

Why There Aren't Any Perpetual Motion Machines

IX(D)(2)(b) Articles

Brody, Steve, Pentagon Buys "Perpetual Motion" Machine

Kilty, Kevin T., Perpetual Motion

IX(D)(2)(c) Books

Hering, Daniel, Foibles and Fallacies of Science (1924).

IX(D)(3)Astronomy and Cosmology

IX(D)(3)(a) Websites

Astronomical Pseudo-Science. See also Velikovsky (above) and Daubert: Other Issues: Astrology

IX(E) The Amityville Haunting [under construction]

In December 1976 George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into a house in Amityville, New York in which six members of the DeFeo family had been murdered. A seventh member, Ronald DeFeo, was convicted of the crimes. The Lutzes moved out less than a month later, claiming that the house was haunted by demonic spirits. The Lutzes told their story to a publisher and to writer Jay Anson who wrote the book, The Amityville Horror (1977), later made into a feature film.  Almost immediately others began to charge  that the Lutzes were perpetrating a hoax. 

IX(F) History of Science

IX(F)(1) Websites

Science in the Nineteenth Century Periodical Research Project

IX(F)(2) Specific Topics

IX(F)(2)(a) Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution

IX(F)(2)(a)(1) Websites

CSICOP: Creation and Intelligent Design Watch

National Center for Science Education

Yahoo's Listing: Creation vs. Evolution

IX(F)(2)(a)(2) Selected BIbliography (under construction)

Dissertations and Theses

Davidson, Cheryl Linda, Science and Theolody Interface: A Comparison of Intelligent Design and Theistic Evolution (Masterís thesis, California State University, Fullerton, 2001).

Flecky, Alexandra N., High Priest and Homespun Prophet: The Role of Argument and Synecdoche in Scientific Voices (Masterís thesis, California State University, Fullerton, 2001).

Reynolds, Bradley Doyle, The Current Setting of the Evolution/Creation Debate in American Public Schools (Dissertation, College of William and Mary, 2003).

Vance, Toby Eugene, Intelligent Design as a Methdological Basis for a Postmodern Science (Masterís thesis, University of Texas, El Paso, 2001).

Woodward, Thomas Ely, Aroused from Dogmatic Slumber: A Rhetorical History of Intelligent Design (Dissertation, University of South Florida, 2001).

Judicial Decisions

Kitzmiller v. Dover, (webpage)

News Stories

        A Defeat for Intelligent Design


IX(F)(2)(b) Witchhunts

IX(F)(2)(b)(1) Websites

Yahoo's Listing: Witchhunts

IX(G) Other Church-State Issues

IX(G)(1) Websites

Yahoo's Listing: Church State Issues

Annotated Science/Faith Bibliography

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