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IIA. Prior to the Daubert Decision
IIB. Commentaries on the Demise ofFrye

IIA. Prior to the Daubert Decision

Prior to Daubert the applicable federal standard was stated in Frye v. United States, and then in Rule 702, which superseded Frye.  States have their own versions of FRE 702, for example, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.

Rule 702 has been greatly debated. See Shubha Ghosh's discussion at the Evidence Site:  Assisting the Trier of Fact, 24 Rutgers L. Rec. 2; Forensic Evidence; and  Drafting Committee Comments.

IIB. Commentaries on the Demise of Frye

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For more information about the Frye and Daubert rules in various state courts, see Part V: Applications by Trial and Appellate Courts.

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