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A. Cases

A1. Websites Listing Cases Interpreting Daubert . Barbara Maw's website (last updated November 3, 1996, lists case law interpreting Daubert with annotations.

Moore v. Ashland Chemical, 95-20492 (5th Cir.)(October 20, 1997), Brief of Amici Curiae. See related cases: Moore v. Ashland Chemical (revised November 24, 1997)); Moore v. Ashland Chemical (August 14, 1998); Moore v. Ashland Chemical (revised August 31, 1998); Moore v. Ashland Chemical (revised September 10, 1998)

U. S. v. Posado, 57 F. 3d -- (5th Circ. 1995)

Compton v. Subaru of America, 82 F. 3d 1513 (10th Cir. 1996)

Summers v. Missouri Pacific Railroad System, 132 F. 3d 599 (10th Cir. 1997)

Alaska v. Coons, 974 P. 2d. 386 (1999)  

Arkansas v. Echols  





U.S. v. Hines (D. Ct. Mass.)massechusettsWHT_rd32.gif (7645 bytes)

Commonwealth v. Lannigan, 419 Mass. 15 (1994)(excerpts) and In re case of Canavan (1999)

Campell v. Metropolitan Property and Casualty  (2d Circ.)  


State v. Porter, 698 A.2d 739 (Conn. 1997) connectC.gif (8474 bytes)


Gammill v. Chevrolet, No. 97-0237 (Texas S. Ct.)   texasWHT_rd33.gif (6812 bytes)

E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. v. Robinson, 38 Tex. Sup. Ct. J. 852 (June 15, 1995)


West Virginia Dept. of Highways v. Butler (No. 25791, West Virginia S. Ct.)    west_virginiaWHT_rd32.gif (9158 bytes)

B. Commentaries

Colmenero, David E., Note: A Dose of Daubert to Alleviate "Junk Science" in Texas Courtrooms: Texas Adopts the Federal Standard for Determining the Admissibility of Scientific Expert Testimony, 27 Tex. Tech. L. Rev. 293 (1996).

Expert opinion testimony after Porter: Connecticut adopts the Daubert standard, November 6, 1998, 71 Conn. B. J. 346 (December 1997).

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Todaro, Gerald J., The Admissibility of Medical Testimony in Ohio: Daubert, Joiner, and Ohio’s Relevance-Reliability Standard, 46 Cleve. St. L. Rev. 319 (1999).

C. Applications of Kumho Tire (sometimes referred to as Carmichael)

D. Analyses of Kumho Tire

Hagan, Patrick J. and Pamela Winston Bertani, Gatekeeping and the Admissibility of Scientific Evidence in the Post Daubert/Joiner/Kumho Tire World, 49 Fed’n Ins. & Corp. Couns. Q. 459 (Summer 1999).

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E. Acceptance of Daubert

State Standards for Admitting Scientific Evidence (updated March 17, 1999)



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