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VII. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AND LAW IN OTHER COUNTRIES (under construction) Last updated 04/29/2003


VIIB. Scientific and Technical Websites

ASKE: The Association for Skeptical Enquiry

Australian Skeptics Website

British Columbia Skeptics

New Zealand Skeptics

Ontario Skeptics Logo Page

Les sceptiques du Québec

Western Canada Skeptics Societies

VIIC. Current Issues

1. Mad Cow Disease (Great Britain). The fear of contracting "mad cow disease" (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE) caused the government of the UK to destroy thousands of cattle in the late 1990s. Farmers suffered tremendous economic losses and some critics questioned whether such widespread action was necessary.

Mad Cow Disease: An Interview with Dr. Frederick A. Murphy

Mad Cow Disease Information

The Politics of GM Food: Risk, Science and Public Trust

2. General Public Policy Issues

Australia                    AustrailaWHT_bf32.gif (7634 bytes)





United Kingdom            


VIID. Daubert and Comparative Law

VIIE1. Cases (Australia)        AustraliaWHT_bf32.gif (7634 bytes)

R. v. Calder, H. C. Christchurch Reg., T 154/94 (unreported), April 12, 1995  

VIIE2. Commentary and Analysis

Belt, Karen, Note: Novel Scientific Evidence and Judicial Gatekeeping: R. v. Calder and Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Compared, 28 Vict. U. Wellington L. Rev. 399 (May 1999).

Christensen, Mark and Martin Williams, Have the Regulators Finally Caught Up? (New Zealand)

VIIE. Creationism, Science and Defamation in Australia        AustraliaWHT_bf32.gif (7634 bytes)

VII(E)(1) The Ian Plimer Case

Ian Plimer: Introduction to the Trial (From the Australian Skeptics Website)

The Professor Plimer Chronicle

Ritchie, Alex, Creation Science and Free Speech

Skeptic Mag Hotline: Evolution versus Creationism Down Under (Plimer's account of the debate)

VIIF. Psychics and Crime Detection. See also Psychic Detectives.

Trachet, Tim, Psychics and Missing Children in Belgium       






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