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Artists Currently Working With Crystalline Glazes

Please send information and corrections to me at this address. Not all artists listed here maintain web pages or provide up to date contact information. I provide what information I have or what the artists give me.  If you have updated info and are willing to share it I will post it, but I won't verify it.  I don't have any information about artists' current addresses or phone numbers, or about prices or auction valuations. I will not respond to flames or nasty remarks.

Last updated 01/04/2013

A List of Online Artists (the Online Museum of Crystalline Ceramics)

Bill Amsterlaw (Amsterlaw Clayworks)

Char and Larry Anderson (Crystalline Pottery Creations); Beatrice Wood Center for Arts

Laura Anderson

Jan Anthony (see work at http://www.handspiral.com/Trades.htm)

Arcanum Ranch Pottery (glaze 6)

Arne Ase

Marc A. Baker

Edge Barnes

Joerg Baumoeller (Crystals Forever)

Jeane and Ronnie Belden (Willena Pottery)

Alan & Rosemary Bennett (photo of work for sale)

Ashley Best. See also The River Gallery for examples of work for sale.

Richard Bideau

Harding Black

Ellie Blair; see also here

Gary L. Blosch, 584 So. Dixie Drive, # 13 in St George, UT 84770; Tel: (801)808-1758

Linda Blossom

Boehme Pottery

Brooks Bouwkamp

Bill Boyd

Joanne Brent

Raymond Bridewell

Troy Brockett; another link (this appears to be his personal website but does not give his name)

Julie Brooke

Joshua Douglas Brown

Paul Brown

Sunny Bueck

Bulldog Pottery (Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke)

Susan Bunzl

Leon Bush (work available through Earthen Art Works, Los Angeles, CA)

Bill Campbell; Horizon Gallery; Stellar Series: Crystalline

Al Caniff

Carol Gay Cantor, Porcelain Claywork, 1121 Ranch Road, Boise Idaho 83702  (208) 384-9708

Denis Caraty

Carole's Creative Ceramics

Lawrence Carter

Sheila Caspino

Fabienne Cassman (Macmillian)

Jason Catellier

Barbara Cauvin (see under South on linked webpage)

Rick Childs

Flora Christeller (New Zealand)

Judy Cid

Derek Clarkson ; also at http://www.crystallineglazes.co.uk/

Nicky Coady

Colorado Crystalline (Matt Beck)

Guillaume Common

Ginny Conrow

Tony Conway (Australian artist)

Delan Cookson

Cameron Covert

Ceramics By Shaja

Diane Creber (Wilton Pottery, Ontario, Canada); example of work

Creative Creek Artisans

Don Crego and Mari Verkuyl

Crystalline Glaze Porcelain Gallery

Crystalline Glaze Site (in Japanese)

Crystalline Glazes (this is an artist's personal website, but it is not clear what his name is)

Crystals Forever (See Jrg Baumller)

Katie Dann

Mimi Semmes Dann

Evan Davis

Jerry Davis (Ohio)

Rhonda Davis

Dawnmist Studio (see also Natalie Winter)

Peter Deck (see under NorthWest on linked webpage)

Dale Donovan

Dover Pottery (Seagrove, North Carolina)

Dianna Rose Downs

Glenn Doyle

David Dreading Pottery

Dust Collectibles

Edgecomb Potters

Margaret Edwards

Carolyn Efner

Adam Egenolf

Mary Frances Eggleston

Leslie Ehrlich

Dave Eickholt

Ellie's Pots

Lindsey Epstein Pottery (The Crystalline Horse)

Janice Falk (work available through Sparrow Arts Collection)

Terry Fallon. Click here for a photo of work.

Avril Farley; see also here

Jack and Shelley Feltman. Mrs. Feltman died in 2001, and Mr. Feltman died in May, 2010, according to their niece Debbie Lewis.  One of the Feltmans' works, Jar with Lid, is in the DeYoung Museum, San Francisco.

Gary Fenley

Douglas Ferguson (founder of Pigeon Forge Pottery)

Richard Flores

Anton Flumeri

Kent Follette; Follette Pottery

Rick Foris

Philip Freeman; (33901 Robles Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629; tel: 714-496-1488)

Kris Friedrich

Peter Frolich

Narelle Fulwood (Australia)

Gemopal Pottery

Gene Gandee

Anne T. Gary, Naperville, IL 60565, Tel. (630) 561-7611; anne@davegary.com

Brian Geier

Jeff Gieringer

Mr. Gieringer's blog

Fulvio Gobeo

Xavier Gonzalez

5407 Willis Avenue Sherman Oaks, CA 91411 818-779-0990

Sarah Gore

Stuart Gray

Carol Green (work available through these galleries)

Joyce Greenhill (Greenhill Pottery)

Peggy Grigor

Carl Halier (1873-1948)

Ferenc Halmos. See also Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Pottery.

Phil Hamling

Marc Hansen

Avi Harriman and SarahLyn Brooks

John Ezra Harold

Suzanne Forsyth Hatch

Peter Harves (Coolangatta Pottery)

Heart Pottery

Lois Ann Helgeson, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Robert Hessler

Ronalee Herrmann and Alfred Stolken. No longer working in crystalline, per a personal communication to the webitor on 2/17/2011.

John Hewitt, Millrise Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent

Charlie Hightower, Hightower Pottery, Evansville, Indiana

Richard Hilton

Samuel Hoffman

Don Holloway (address: Crosscraft Originals, 18 Jana Dr., Monroe 71203; telephone studio (318) 343-9220 or (318) home 343-7658). Pottery available through Louisiana Pottery

DeLana Hornbeck (street address: 1142 Lehigh Ave., Allentown, PA (610) 797-1586)

Matt Horne Pottery

Hot Ice Studio

Carol and Paul Huel

Jesse Wiseman Hull

Lily Ann Hume

Hummingbird Studios

William Hunter Designs

Hunters Ceramics

A. Huskey

Gordon Hutchens

Mary Ichino

Salman Ikram

Peter Ilsley

See also Studio Pottery Home

Into the Fire Pottery (Nancy Lipe)

Isak Isaksson

Dan Ishler

Joyce Jackson (listed under her name)

Madeline Jackson

Jay Jago

Wesley Janecka

Yi-Hyun Jo

Gail Jones

George Juliano

Yumi Katsuya

Eric Good Kaufmann

Bonnie Keats

William and Pam Kennedy

Diane Kieselhorst

Steve Klinsky

 Piera P. Kllanxhja

Peter Klube

Richard Klump

Jim and Jamie Kozlowski

Kreigh Ceramics

Lewis Krzyczkowski

Yves Lambeau

Peter Lane

Anthony (Tony) Laverick

Jeff Lawrence (Sun Dagger Design)(email address : jml@sundagger.com; street address Sun Dagger Design, Route 1 Box 394L, Espanola NM 87532)

Michael Leach (work available through The Wood Trader, Cleveland, OH)

Al Leedom Studios

Rodney Leftwich

Satian Leksrisawat

Maurice Lenaif (Belgium)

Carole Levine

Paul Lorber; Lorber Pottery

Sherryl Lutz (Only Original Arts). Address: Only Original Arts Pottery, 52357 Wilson Road, Folsom, LA  70437

Beth Coe Maeda

Manuel Magallon

Ilene Mahler

Mahler Pottery

Kate Malone

John Mankameyer

Joe Mann (link to an email message)

T. J. (Tim) Marcotte

Martin Studio

Tim Martin

John Martin and Sid Oakley, Creedmoor, North Carolina (link to article mentioning their work)

Jocelyn McAuley

Al and Milly McCanless (see also Dover Pottery, above)

Chatt McGonegill. See also Brikalo Pottery.

Brian McGriff

Holly McKeen, Greendale Pottery

Bill Meadows, The Meadow Pottery

Jean Meinhardt

William Melstrom

Mr. Melstrom's blog

Mr. Melstrom's Crystalline Glaze Forum

Anne Melvin

Tony Menzer

Michael Metz (web site under construction)

Kenneth Merrill

Kest Mikenas

Ernest Miller

Duly Mitchell (work available through Sanders Galleries)

Hideaki Miyamura

Gary Monji

Montana Craft Connection

Mountain Ash Pottery

Kat Morrell

Phil Morgan ; Mint Museum Page featuring Morgan's workDe Pree-Flowers Studio

Mud, Sweat and Tears

Gertrud and Otto Natzler

Paulette Neau (Canada)

Frank Neef (work available through Quicksilver Gallery, Eureka Springs, Arkansas); also see Frank Neef page

Joyce Nelson

New Mexico Clay

Jess Newton

Patrick Nordstrom (). Nordstrom worked for Royal Copenhagen in the early twentieth century.

Bevan Norkin

Northern Exposure Pottery Company

Lucille Nutt (deceased)

Sid Oakley and John Martin, Creedmoor, North Carolina

John O'Brien

One Tree Hill Pottery (Ric and Judy Pierce)

Lasse Ostmann

Pacific Crystalline

Jon Pacini, Pacini Pottery

Brant Palley, New Mexico Clay

Rod Page Pottery

Brigitte Peglow

Josh Pehrson

Sherry Pence

Piera Designs

Ric and Judy Pierce, One Tree Hill Pottery

Planet Earth

Plumb Tree Pottery

Pottenbakkerij "jt", Middelberg 7, 5508 DM Veldhoven 040-2536486

Potters' Corner

The Pottery Boys

Ron Pothier

Powdermill Pottery

Jon Price

Heather Priestly

Jonathan Puzz (Puzz Pottery)

Ruth Radin

Raku Arts

Spencer Raff

Rascal Pottery (Artashes Ter-Isahakyan)

Louise Reding. Work available through Bailey and McGuire

Roslyn Reed (Canada)

Justin Reese

Jerry Reinwand

Magy Reist

Tony Reynolds

Simon Rich

Pamela Rodger

Nicholas Rostagno

Hong Rubenstein

Ryan Rudie

William Sawhill


Seagraves Studios Ceramics

Juliette Scheffers

Laura Schlien

Yoshua Schori, 11 Ha-Hshmonaim, Ramat Gan, Israel

William Schran; also at http://www.nvcc.edu/home/wschran/

Jody Scott

Ted Secombe

Seven Ports (Wen Shawn, Potter)

Hein Severijns (Reuver, The Netherlands)


David Shaner

Ababi Sharon

Wen Shawn (see Seven Ports Pottery)

Shepherd Pottery

Fara Shimbo

Red Shirley (Arkansas)

Margaret Shotton

Marsha Silverman

Rod and Denise Simair. The Simairs won the Grand Prix du Crystalline at the 2005 exposition in Vallauris, France.

Diane Renee Simon

440 Timberbend Trial, Allen TX 75002 972/359-6383. Personal statement: I have been studying ceramics for the last 8 years in the Dallas area. In the fall I will be starting my master's studies at the University of North Texas. Previously my work has typically centered around two common themes: nature and the female form. From the simple beauty of the unclothed female form to the complex ministrations of period costumes, I try to accentuate the female figure through form. Often I also use the female figure as a decorative element on grand or simple vessels to compliment and complete their shape. My relatively recent passion has become crystalline glazes. I am obsessed with the complexity of firing required by these challenging glazes. The overwhelming excitement of opening a kiln full of surprises really attracts me. I am trying to master simple yet beautiful forms as a canvas for these amazing glazes. My goal is to incorporate these glazes on to my figural forms as a complementing element.

Marthe Sirois (Canada)

Esme Smith

M. D. Smith

David Smyth

George Smyth (Arkansas)

Linda Whitt Smith (in article "Gallery 303 Exhibit to Wow Campus")

David Snair

Brad Sondahl. Home page: http://pages.about.com/bsondahl/; Pottery Showroom: http://sondahl.safeshopper.com/

Willard Spence

Michelle Spencer

David Sphar

John Stroomer

Jean Sullivan (Plum Tree Pottery)

Vicki Sullivan (jeweler)

Surfside Studio

Joe Symons (See Hot Ice Studio)

Yulia Szalay

Marshall Talbot (Pottery By Celia, Route 114, P.O. Box 4116, Naples, Maine 04055-4116) (207)693-6100 voice and fax clupus@ime.net

Rynne Tanton

Mary Ellen Thomas

Ti-Lung Ceramics (educational page)

John Tilton

Contemporary Art Porcelain (blog)

Tornes Keramikk

Robbrecht Troost

Tom Turner

William K. Turner


Uwharrie Pottery

Willy van Bussel

Vases From China

Theo Velders

Mari Verkuyl (see Don Crego)

Antonio Vivas (Spain)

Arryn Vogan

Mark Walford

Tom Wallick

Phil Warren

Herman Weeren

Barry Weiss, Hummingbird Studios

Wang Chun Wen

Raymond West, Sequoia Pottery, Springville, California. Included in Peter Ilsley's Macro-Crystalline Glazes: The Challenge of Crystals (1999).

Carolyn Whyman

David Williams

Lana Williams

Bob Wilson

Peter Wilson

Mark Winner

Natalie Winter (see also Dawnmist Studio)

The Wizard of Clay

Kerry Wood

Minako Yamane-Lee

Yi-Hyun Jo; Website

Cathryn Yoshimoto

Arnold Zahner

Zephyr Drum Company


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Smyth/Cid Pottery

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