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Arlington Humanities Colloquium: 4th Annual, University of Texas at Arlington, April 18, 1998

Articulating Conflicts in Cultural Studies, February 26-28, 1998

Center for Literary and Cultural Studies. Law and Literature Seminar, 1996

Cold War Culture: Film, Fact, and Fiction: February 18-21, 1999, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Conference on Law and the Humanities: Justice and Equality, September 24-25, 1999

Cultural Frictions: Medieval Cultural Studies in Post-Modern Contexts, October 27-28, 1995

Cultural Studies, Medieval Studies and Discplinary Debate: University of Saskatchewan, March 13-14, 1998


Intellectual History and Practice: A Workshop, University of California, Berkeley, October 2-3, 1998

International Association for Media and History: KNAVES, FOOLS, AND HEROES: FILM AND TELEVISION REPRESENTATIONS of the Cold War, July 24-July 30, 1997, Washington DC.

Law Courts and the Mediation of Social Conflict in the Ancient Mediterranean World, March 30, 1996, Chicago, IL

The Lawyer and Popular Culture: Conference Held January 7-8, 1992, Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas. Proceedings published in The Lawyer and Popular Culture, edited by David Gunn  (Littleton CO: Fred B. Rothman, 1993).         

            Contents include: Introduction / Roy M. Mersky -- Welcoming remarks / Mark G. Yudof-- Why should lawyers study popular culture? / Ray B. Browne -- Commentators: On film / Rennard Strickland -- On literature / Francis M. Nevins, Jr -- On literature / James H. Duffy (Haughton Murphy) -- On women studies / Susan S. Heinzelman -- On television / Horace Newcomb -- The lawyer in the history of American television- an overview / Horace Newcomb -- The hollywood mouthpiece: an illustrated journey through the courtroom and back-alleys of screen justice / Rennard Strickland -- Through the Great Depression on horseback: lawyers in western films of the 1930's / Francis M. Nevins, Jr -- Creating a filmography / Paul J. Mastrangelo -- Traffic in souls: white slave trade in the early 1900s / Janet Staiger --.(cont.) How to find a credible lawyer / James H. Duffy (Haughton Murphy) -- The courtroom trial as American Cultural convention / David Ray Papke -- Noble counselor: "Perry Mason" and its impact on the legal profession / J. Dennis Bounds -- District attorneys- The image / Jay Brandon -- "We finished last with you, we can finish last without you": A walk on the light side of sports, lawyers, and popular culture / Frank G. Houdek -- Gilbert and Sullivan at law / Douglas J. Whaley -- The lawyer as devil's advocate / Edward J. Bander -- The lawyer as hero? / Gerard J. Clark -- Closing remarks / Rennard Strickland.


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