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Films and Television Series Featuring In House Counsel

Judges in Films

Tax Lawyers

    Rostron, Allan K., Hollywood's Tax Lawyers

Star Trek Lawyers

Star Trek VI: Michael Dorn plays his own grandfather, a Klingon attorney.

Law on Star Trek: Bibliography

Chilton, Bradley Stewart, Star Trek and Stare Decisis, 8 Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture 25 (2001).

Joseph, Paul and Sharon Carton, The Law of the Federation

Scharf, Michael,


African American lawyers. See  Black History Month Bibliography.

Asian and Asian American lawyers.

Just Cause (television series 2002--). "Peggy".

Hispanic lawyers.

A.U.S.A.  (TV series). Ana Ortiz as a federal prosecutor.

Burden of Proof (TV movie). Alejandro "Sandy" Stern (played by Hector Elizondo).

For the People. A Martinez as an L.A. public defender, Cecilia Suarez as an ADA.

Presumed Innocent. Alejandro "Sandy" Stern (Played by Raul Julia).

Italian American lawyers.



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