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General Materials

Channeling the Femme Fatale (course materials)

Feminist Film Criticism (course materials)

Gender Issues in the American Road Film (University of Calgary course materials)

Laura Mulvey Against the Grain

Postcoloniality in America (Mount Holyoke College course materials)

Tollefson, Ted E., Cinemyths: Film as Mythology, 3 Mythos Journal --.

Women in Film and Television: A Bibliography of Journal Articles in the UC Berkeley Libraries

Specific Films and Topics

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Extremities ().

Thelma and Louise (MGM, 1991).


Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise: An Old Theme With a New Twist


After identity : a reader in law and culture (1995). Includes E. V. Spelman and M. Minow, Outlaw Women: An Essay on Thelma and Louise.

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Thelma and Louise in the Wilderness, Or Butch Cassidy and Jonathan Edwards in Drag

Thelma and Louise (student paper)

Voytilla, Stuart, Myth and the Movies (pp. 42-46 are on Thelma and Louise).

Williams, Donald, Thelma and Louise. Williams is a lay analyst.

Case Materials

Case Study 2: Lorena Bobbitt and Thelma and Louise (from The Language of Violence) (Harvard University)

Case Materials: Thelma and Louise (University of Colorado)


Thelma and Louise Fugitives Are Captured in Canada, Detroit News, October 6, 1995







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