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Authors A

Abbott, Cameron, An Inexpressible State of Grace (Haworth Press, forthcoming 2003?)

Abbott, Cameron, To the Edge (forthcoming, 2001).

Abel, Kenneth, Bait (1994). Kate Haggerty, U. S. attorney.

Adler, Elizabeth, All Or Nothing (1999). Dissatisfied attorney/law professor Marla Cwitowitz decides to poach on her boyfriend's territory by solving a crime.

Albert, Susan Wittig, Chile Death (1999). Albert's novels feature China Bayless, attorney turned herb expert.

Albert, Susan Wittig, Hangman's Root (1994). 

Albert, Susan Wittig, Rosemary Remembered ().

Albert, Susan Wittig, Thyme of Death ().

Albert Susan Wittig, Witches' Bane ().

Alderson, T. A., Subversion : a romantic suspense story (NY: Broadway Books, 2001). RS

Alexander, Trisha, Let's make it legal (NY: Silhouette Books, 1994)(Silhouette special edition; 924). Female Texas attorney finds love; romance fiction. 

Allan, Jeanne, Do you take this cowboy? (NY: Harlequin Books, 1997)(Simply the best) (Harlequin romance; 3471). Woman attorney finds love; romance fiction.

Allison, Margaret, The Last Curve (NY: Pocket Books, 1999). A state's attorney becomes personally involved in a case that reminds her of the murder of her older sister.

Amure, Larry, The Wrong Move (Cambridge: Estelle, 1998). Set in England.

Anderson, Linda, Over the moon (NY: Signet, 1995). West Viginia lawyer.

Andrews, Vicki, A Lighter Shade of Brown (Genesis Press, 1999)(Indigo Love Stories). Romantic suspense.

Andrews, Vicki, Midnight Peril (1998)(Indigo Love Stories). A beautiful attorney falls in love with two different men.

Arlt, Lisa, Smoke & Mirrors (Richmond: Mills and Boon, 1999)(Mills & Boon Temptation; T631)

Armstrong, Lindsay, Having His Babies (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1999)(Expecting!)(Mills & Boon Romance; H5012).

Arnold, Catherine, Class Action (1999).

Arnold, Catherine, Due process (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1996). Female Florida attorney involved in rape trial.

Arnold, Catherine, Imperfect justice (NY: Signet, 1997). Florida setting.

Arnold, Catherine, Wrongful Death (1999).

Arnold, Judith, Father of two (NY: Harlequin Books, 1998)(Harlequin superromance; 771).

Arnold, Judith, Married to the man (Toronto, NY: Harlequin Books, 1996)(Harlequin Superromance; 684)(Reunited). R



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