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Paolini, Nicole, Swamp Gas (2000). A wild novel about Louisiana that includes a medical malpractice attorney named Lana Pulaski.

Paretsky, Sara, Indemnity Only (1982). The first novel introduces V.I. Warshawski, a lawyer turned private investigator. She refuses to reveal what "V.I." stands for, something that drives her friends (and enemies) somewhat crazy. (It's Victoria Iphigenia). More Warshawski books listed here.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of  Betrayal (NY: Knopf, 1999). Gail Connor novel.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of Deceit (NY: Dutton, 1998). Miami lawyer Gail Connor investigates murder.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of Guilt (NY: Signet, 1995). Gail Connor novel.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of Innocence (NY: Signet, 1994). Gail Connor novel.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of Malice (NY: Knopf, May 2000). Gail Connor novel.

Parker, Barbara J., Suspicion of Vengeance (NY: Knopf, 2001). Gail Connor/Anthony Quintana novel.

Patterson, Richard North, Conviction (NY: Random  House, 2005). Female lawyer tries to get a death row inmate a last minute stay.

Patterson, Richard North, Dark Lady (NY: Knopf, 1999). An ambitious ADA hopes to succeed her mentor as DA.

Patterson, Richard North, The final judgment (NY: ) Legal thriller. Female New Hampshire attorney investigates murder while hoping for a judicial appointment. This character also appears in Patterson's Degree of guilt and Eyes of a child.

Patterson, Richard North, Protect and Defend (NY: Random House, 2000). Novel about a female nominee to the Supreme Court.

Peacock, Justin, A Cure For Night (2008). Features Myra Goldstein as a public defender and the love interest of the narrator in this first effort by a lawyer turned crime novelist.

Peak, John A., Mortal Judgments (1999). Features malpractice lawyer Vicki Shea.

Pearson, Edward S., An inside affair (London: Minerva, 1996).

Peterson, Tracie, Angels and Ice (forthcoming, 2001). A Shannon saga novel.

Peterson, Tracie and James Scott Bell, City of Angels (Minneapolis, Bethany  House, 2001)(Shannon Saga; 1).

Pickard, Nancy, Ring of Truth (2001). Pickard's new sleuth, crime writer Marie Lightfoot, investigates the death of the wife of a local minister. A secondary character is Tammi Goldring, the minister's defense attorney.

Pickens, Cathy, Hog Wild (2004). Mystery series featuring Avery Andrews, formerly an attorney in Columbia, South Carolina, and now solving mysteries in sleepy Dacus, South Carolina. Followed up by Southern Fried (2005), Done Gone Wrong (2006), Hush My Mouth (2008).

Piercy, Marge, Three Women (Morrow, 1999). Character Suzanne Blume is an attorney.

Piesman, Marissa, Alternate sides; A Nina Fischman mystery (NY: Delacorte Pres, 1995). NY attorney Nina Fischman. Piesman is a NYC attorney.

Piesman, Marissa, Close quarters (NY: Delacorte Press, 1994). Nina Fischman mystery.

Piesman, Marissa, Heading uptown (NY: Delacorte Press, 1993). Manhattan attorney Nina Fischman.

Piesman, Marissa, Personal effects: A Nina Fischman mystery (NY: Pocket Books, 1991).

Piesman, Marissa, Survival instincts (NY: Dell Publishing, 1997). Nina Fischman mystery.

Piesman, Marissa, Unorthodox practices (NY: Pocket Books, 1989). Features Manhattan attorney Nina Fischman.

Plain, Belva, Blessings (NY: Dell, 1989).

Podrug, Junius, Presumed guilty (NY: Forge, dist. by St. Martin's Press, 1997). San Francisco prosecutor Lara Patrick investigates her mother's murder. The author is an attorney.

Picoult, Jodie, My Sister's Keeper (Pocket Books, 2005). Female attorney litigates a family law, medical issues case..

Potter, Patricia, Home For Christmas (Silhouette, 1999). Attorney Julia Farrell is a single parent.

Pottinger, Stanley, The fourth procedure (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1995). DC attorney investigates murder.





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