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(Publication dates are of the most recent edition)

A. Mysteries With Cat Detectives

Cat Fancy: Purrfect Mysteries for Cat Lovers (From the City of Mesa Library)

Allen, Garrison. Feline investigator: Big Mike

Baseball Cat (1998) 

Dinosaur Cat (1999)

Movie Cat (1999)

Royal Cat (1996)

Babson, Marian. Feline investigator: Various

Canapes for the Kitties (1999)

The Company of Cats (2000)

The Diamond Cat (1996)

The Multiple Cat (2000). About cats and probate law.

The Cat Next Door (2002)

Nine Lives to Murder (1995). A man and cat switch consciousness and the cat/man must solve a murder.

Paws for Alarm (1998)

To Catch a Cat (2000)

Whiskers and Smoke (1997)

Braun, Lillian Jackson. Feline investigators: Koko and Yum Yum.  The Cat Who Books Directory

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern (1990)

The Cat Who Blew the Whistle (1996)

The Cat Who Brought Down the House (2003).

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast (1992)

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (1994). Originally published in 1966, this novel was the first to feature Koko and his human friend Qwilleran.

The Cat Who Had Fourteen Tales (1991). Short stories, each featuring a different wily feline.

The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal (1995)

The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare (1991)

The Cat Who Lived High (1991)

The Cat Who Moved a Mountain (1992)

The Cat Who Played Brahms (1991)

The Cat Who Played Post Office (1991)

The Cat Who Robbed a Bank (2000)

The Cat Who Said Cheese (1997)

The Cat Who Sang For the Birds (1999)

The Cat Who Saw Red (1991)

The Cat Who Saw Stars (2000)

The Cat Who Smelled a Rat (2001)

The Cat Who Sniffed Glue (1996)

The Cat Who Tailed a Thief (1998)

The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts (1996)

The Cat Who Turned On and Off (1995)

The Cat Who Wasn't There (1994)

The Cat Who Went Into the Closet (1995)

The Cat Who Went Underground (1991)

The Cat Who Went Up the Creek (2002)


The Bumbler and the Silken Sleuths: The "Cat Who" Mysteries of Lilian Jackson Braun, 5 North Carolina Literary Review 235-238 (1996)

Schleh, Eugene, The Cat Novels of Lilian Jackson Braun, 16(1) Clues 167-171 (Spring/Summer 1995).

Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown. Feline investigator: Mrs. Murphy. Sneaky Pie's Flea Market 

Cat on the Scent (2000)

Catch as Cat Can (2002)

Claws and Effect (2001) 

Murder at Monticello (1995)

Murder on the Prowl (1995)

Murder She Meowed (1997). Made into a film by the Disney Company.

Pawing Through the Past (2001)

Paydirt (1996)

Rest in Pieces (1993).

The Tail of the Tipoff (2003).

Wish You Were Here (1991)

Douglas, Carole Nelson. Feline investigator: Midnight Louie.  Midnight Louie's Newsletter 

The Cat and the Jack of Spades (2000)

The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds (2000)

The Cat and the King of Clubs (1999)

The Cat and the Queen of Hearts (1999)

Cat in a Crimson Haze (1996)

Cat in a Diamond Dazzle (1997)

Cat in a Flamingo Fedora (1998)

Cat in a Golden Garland (1998)

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (1999)

Cat in a Kiwi Con (2000)

Cat in a Leopard Spot (2001)

Cat in an Indigo Mood (1999)

Cat on a Beach Blanket (1997)

Cat on a Blue Monday (1994)

Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (1999)

Cat With an Emerald Eye (1997)

Catnap (1993)

Pussyfoot (1994)

Giff, Patricia Reilly. Cat detective: Max. Juvenile mystery fiction.

Kidnap at the Catfish Cafe (NY: Viking, 1998)(Adventures of Minnie and Max; 1)

Mary Moon is Missing (NY: Viking, 1998)(Adventures of Minnie and Max; 2)

Howe, James

Return to Howliday Inn (2000). Juvenile mystery fiction.

Marshall, Evan. Feline investigator: Winky

Hanging Hannah (2000)

Missing Marlene (2000)

Stabbing Stephanie (2001)

Matthews, Alex. Feline investigator: Starshine.

Cat's Claw (Intrigue Press, 2000)

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Feline investigator: Joe Grey.  Joe Grey Mysteries  

Cat in the Dark (1999)

Cat Laughing Last (2002)

Cat on the Edge (1996). The first Joe Grey mystery, in which Joe discovers that he can understand and communicate with humans.

Cat Raise the Dead (1997)

A Cat Spitting Mad (2001)

Cat to the Dogs (2000)

Cat Under Fire (1997)

Olsen, D. B. Feline investigator: Samantha

The Cat Saw Murder (1939)

Pirincci, Akif

Cave Canem (1999)

Felidae (1992)

Reed, Christopher. Feline investigator: Manx McCatty

The Big Scratch: A Manx McCatty Mystery (1988). A feline sleuth investigates white cat slavery in San Francisco. Wonderful satire of the detective novel genre.

Smith, H. Allen. Feline investigator/victim: Rhubarb

Rhubarb (1946). This feisty tiger cat inherits a baseball team, lives the high life and is catnapped right before The Big Game. Made into a film starring Ray Milland (1951).

Son of Rhubarb (1967)

The View from Chivo (1971)

Stewart, Linda. Feline investigator: Sam

The Big Catnap (NY: Cheshire House Books, 2000)(A Sam the Cat mystery)

The Maltese Kitten (NY: Cheshire House Books, 2002).

Sam the Cat Detective (1993). First in the series. The characters are cats in this book, as in Reed's The Big Scratch.

B. Mysteries with cat characters (not necessarily involved in the solution of the mystery)

Adamson, Lydia

A Cat in a Glass House (1993)

A Cat in Fine Style (1995)

A Cat of One's Own (2000)

A Cat on a Beach Blanket (1998)

A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock (1998)

A Cat on Stage Left (1999)

A Cat Under the Mistletoe (1997)

A Cat With No Clue (2001)

A Cat With the Blues (2000)

Daheim, Mary. Cat Character: Sweetums

Auntie Mayhem (NY: Avon, 1996)

Bantam of the Opera (NY: Avon, 1993)

Creeps Suzette (NY: Avon, 2000)

Dune to Death (NY: Avon, 1993)

A Fit of Tempera (NY: Avon, 1994)

Fowl Prey (NY: Avon, 1991)

Just Desserts (NY: Avon, 1991)

Legs Benedict (NY: Avon, 1999)

Major Vices (NY: Avon, 1995)

Murder, My Suite (NY: Avon, 1995)

Nutty as a Fruitcake (NY: Avon, 1996)

September Mourn (NY: Avon, 1997)

Snow Place to Die (NY: Avon, 1998)

A Streetcar Named Expire (NY: Avon, 2001)

Suture Self (NY: William Morrow, 2001)

Wed and Buried (NY: Avon, 1998)

Engleman, Paul

The Man With My Cat (1999)

Erickson, John R.

The Case of the Vampire Cat (1993). Hank the Cowdog solves the mystery of a missing cat.

Freeman, Mary. Cat Character: Peter

Bleeding Heart( NY: Berkley, 2000)

Deadly Nightshade (NY: Berkley, 1999)

Devil's Trumpet (NY: Berkley, 1999)

Gordons, The. This team writes under a collective name. Cat detective: DC (Darn Cat).

Catnapped: The Further Adventures of Undercover Cat (1974)

Undercover Cat (1964). Made into the Walt Disnery film That Darn Cat (1965) with Dean Jones and Hayley Mills, and remade in 1997 with Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug.

Undercover Cat Prowls Again (1968)

Haines, Carolyn

Buried Bones (2000)

Lockridge, Richard and Frances Lockridge. The human detectives Jerry and Pam North share their lives with various cats throughout the series.

Curtain for a Jester (1983)

Dead as a Dinosaur (1976)

Death Has a Small Voice (1982)

Death of an Angel (1983)

The Dishonest Murderer (1978)

The Judge is Reversed (1978)

Key to Death (1975)

Long Skeleton (1975)

Murder Comes First (1978)

Voyage Into Violence (1976)

McCafferty, Taylor

Funny Money (2000). Pigeon Fork PI Haskell Blevins investigates the disappearance of a minister's wife and her enormous cat Goliath.

Odgers, Sally

My Aunt Agatha (NY: Macmillan, 1988). Juvenile fiction.

Peters, Elizabeth. The human sleuth is archaeologist Amelia Peabody, but the cat Bastet has a featured role in some novels.

The Ape Who Guards the Balance (1999)

Crocodile on the Sandbank (1992)

The Curse of the Pharaohs (1992)

Falcon at the Portal (1999)

He Shall Thunder in the Sky (2000)

The Hippopatomus Pool (1997)

The Last Camel Died at Noon (1994)

The Mummy Case (1995)

The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog (1994)

Wittich, Justine

Hidden Legacy (NY: Avalon, 1999)

C. A Kindle of Cats: Collections of Cat Stories

Cat Crimes (Martin Greenburg ed.; 1997)

Cat Crimes 3 (1992)

Cat Crimes I, II, III (Martin Greenburg ed.; 1998). Anthology of all three volumes.

Cat Crimes for the Holidays (Martin Greenburg ed.; 1999)

Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation (Martin Greenburg ed.; 1996)

Feline Felonies (Abigail Browning ed.; 2001)(forthcoming)

Felonious Felines (Carol Gorman ed.; 2000)

Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (Carole Nelson Douglas ed.; 2000). Includes stories featuring cats as well as other four footed, two footed and other animals.

Mystery Cats (Lilian Jackson Braun ed.; 1991)

Purr-fect Crimes (Ed Greenburg et al., 1997)

Too Many Tomcats: And Other Feline Tales of Suspense (Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins, 2000).

Of related interest:


The Cat in the Book

The Cats' Library

Guinevere and Rapunzel's Favorite Films (movies featuring cats)

The Index of Famous Cats

Internet for Cats

MGPL Webrary 

Pekehaven's Tumbling TBR Library

Reading for Cats

Tash Books

Weinberg, Sharon, Cat Tales: Fiction About Cats 

Working Cats (from About.com)


Most of the titles below are parodies of popular books, magazines or philosophies.

Augustyn, Jim, The Solar Cat Book (1982). Learn the principles of solar energy by cat-watching.

Beard, Henry, French for Cats (1991)

Beard, Henry, Poetry for Cats (1994)

Beard, Henry, Zen for Cats (1997)

Birnbaum, Alfred, Zen for Cats (1993)

Busch, Heather, Why Cats Paint (1994). Understand modern art through cat painting. Makes more sense than you would think.

Davis, Philip J., Thomas Gray, Philosopher Cat (1988)

Davis, Philip J., Thomas Gray in Copenhagen (1995)

Feaster, Sharon, The Cat Who Companion (1999)

Gruber, Terry de Roy, Cat High: The Yearbook (). Relive high school with cats in the starring roles.

Heim, Judy, Internet for Cats (1995)

Hochberg, Irene, Catmopolitan (1987). Cats in vogue, and Vogue.

Hochberg, Irene, Good Mousekeeping (1996).

Jay, Roni, Feng Shui for Cats (1998)

Kent, Michael, Meow te Ching: The Guide to Contentment, Serenity, and Getting What You Want (2000).

Mathis, Jon, Scratching the Net: Websites for Cats (1998). Actually a good guide to searching the Internet.

Mendenhall, G. A., Cat Physics (1993). Learn physics with the help of felines. See also Cat Physics.

Mimieux, Mimi, Don't Call Me Fluffy: Radical Feline Poetry (one sound cassette, includes interview).

Silver, Burton, Cat Dancing (1999)

Reed, Paul, Cats are from Jupiter, Dogs are from Pluto (1996). There are a number of parodies of John Gray's work featuring cats and dogs, including this one, and the one by Ronald Robinson, below.

Reiner, Traudl and Walter Reiner, Yoga for Cats (1991)

Robinson, Ronald, Cats are from Saturn, Dogs are from Pluto (1998).

Waggoner, Susan, and Susan Detrich, The Rules for Cats (1998). Both a parody and a satire of Ellen Fein's The Rules.

Warmack, William, Composition with Cat (1997) .


Animal Mysteries (from Mystery Readers' Newsletter)

Cat Mysteries

More cat mysteries here.




The Cat From Outer Space (1978). A cat alien crash lands on earth, and the U.S. government impounds his spaceship. A scientist (Ken Berry) helps him retrieve it. Also stars Sandy Duncan, Jesse White, Roddy McDowall, Harry Morgan, and Alan Young (from the series "Mr. Ed").

Rhubarb (1951). Rhubarb, a large, golf ball loving ginger tom, inherits a baseball team, and is catnapped. Features Ray Milland, Jan Sterling and William Frawley. Based on the novel by H. Allen White.

That Darn Cat! (1965) Hayley Mills is the owner of D.C., a Siamese cat with a nose for trouble.

That Darn Cat! (1997) Remake of the 1965 film, with Christina Ricci in the Hayley Mills role.



Note that Google has a "dog  policy". "Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out. For more on this, see our Dog Policy." However, searching for "Dog Policy" simply links back to the same place on the page. So, what is Google's Dog Policy?

Hint: Here's the original language, since removed:

The presence of dogs at Google has been a unique, and to some a treasured part of our workplace culture. Dogs can be a valued and important part of employee’s lives and their ability to keep a dog in their workplace may enhance the quality of their work life. Keeping dogs in the work place, however, must be considered a privilege and as such, requires complete responsibility on the part of the pet owners. Dog owners are expected to recognize that not all employees or visitors like dogs in the office, and in some cases people with allergies cannot tolerate being in close proximity to animals.

To be respectful of all workers at Google, while attempting to allow Google employee dog owners the ability to bring dogs to work when appropriate, the following policy will apply:

* Approval from your manager prior to bringing a dog to work. Bringing a dog, or other pet, to work should be viewed as a temporary solution. Appropriate exceptions for service animals are permitted to provide accessibility for people with disabilities.
* Dog owner needs to check with manager, team members, and neighbors prior to bringing the pet to work.
* Any employee with any concerns may speak to Google’s Human Resources department confidentially.
* Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated. All dogs must be supervised and cannot be left in Google facilities overnight or while the owner is not present. Dogs must stay with their owner or designated watcher at all times and should be kept in an employee’s office when the employee is working there. Dogs are not allowed in bathrooms, break areas, the cafe, in meetings, or on the sand volleyball court. Any behavior, which interferes with another employee’s ability to work, will be cause for a pet to be taken home (interference is in the eye of the beholder). Aggressive behavior, such as growling, barking, chasing, or biting, is unacceptable and the pet will have to be taken home on the first complaint. Employees with allergic reactions to dogs may ask the owner to refrain from bringing the dog to the workplace if the presence of the dogs makes it difficult for the allergic employee to work. Pets with evidence of fleas will be asked to go home until the problem has been alleviated. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets at all times. If a pet has more than one indoor “accident” they will be asked to go home. Employees are financially responsible for any damage or cleaning to Google facilities, this includes damage from accidents, excessive pet hair and odor removal. Owners must maintain adequate liability insurance against dog mishaps. Google assumes no responsibility for any pet.
* Google may amend this policy at any time without notice.


General Guides

American Bird Conservancy. Get the Facts About Cat Law

The Humane Society of the United States. Guide to Cat Law


Websites and Articles

Cats and Public Office

Canadian Cat Runs For Mayor

Cats and President Obama

Hank For Senate

Mayor of Alaska Village Walks On Four Paws

Talkeetna 'Honorar Mayor,' Stubbs the Cat, Claws Way To Recovery

Travis, Mayoral Candidate in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky



College Cats (Don't harass the felines, and if you leave them to your alma mater, make sure you consult with it first...)

Meowberlin (at Oberlin College)

I Can Haz Cheezburger

Law Cats (from the Ross-Blakley Law Library Blog)

The Law of Cats (humor)

Lemon Law for Dogs and Cats (NY)

There Oughta Be a Law!

Van Vechten, Carl, The Cat and the Law (chapter six of his The Tiger in the House).

Wine for Cats? Wine. For cats. Don't get your cats catnip-drunk.

Young, Stephen, The Domestic Cat and the Law


      Barrie, Anmarie, Cats and the Law (1990)

Cats and the First Amendment

Miles v. City Council of Augusta, Georgia, 551 F. Supp. 349 (S.D. Ga. 1982) (The "Blackie the Talking Cat" case); 710 F. 2d. 1542 (11th Cir. 1983)

Are Cats Property?

Livengood v. Markusson, 31 Ohio App. 183; 164 N.E. 61; 1928 Ohio App. LEXIS 349; 7 Ohio L. Abs. 35 (1928)(Can a cat be subject of replevin action?)

Peloquin v. Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, 367 So. 2d 1246; 1979 La. App. LEXIS 3932 (1979) (even mere "'possessors" of cat have right to sue anyone except "true owner" for conversion (destruction) of cat). The cat in this case was named George.

People v. Barlow, 39 Ill. App. 3d 544; 350 N. E. 2d 554; 1976 Ill. App. LEXIS 2608 (1976) (charge of theft of two Siamese cats proper under the statute)

Taylor v. Welsh, 138 Ill. App. 190; 1907 Ill. App. LEXIS 722 (1907) (purchasers knowing individual in possession of cat was not true owner of cat could not claim good title). The cat in this case was named Major.


Are Cats Employees?

Cat Recruited To Patrol Station, BBC News, November 16, 2007. A local police station with mouse problems went looking for a cat to take care of the problem and found a solution in the form of P.C. Tizer, a rodent control officer par excellence.

Literary Cat Makes Library Visits, BBC News, April 27, 2009. This cat is a library volunteer, hanging out at the local library while his humans are at work. He's also apparently something of an art critic. Good on him.

Colorado's Coolest Cat

Suit over library cat's attack bites back at disabled dog owner, July 31, 2004. A disabled journalist sues the Escondido public library (unsuccessfully) when the Library's cat (LC) attacks his dog. More about the late LC here. More about other library cats here

and here. Check out the interactive Library Cats map here.

Well, they might be military heroes. Hear about this Afghani cat who came home with a U.S. soldier.


Are Cats Welcome in Restaurants?

Purr-fect Cup of Tea.    This Tokyo cafe welcomes cats (with their owners). It sells cat toys and treats for its feline clientele. Here's more about Tokyo's cat cafes.

Must Cats Be On a Leash?  Yes, even "wheelchair" kitties, in Brevard County, Florida.

Should Cats Be Allowed To Use Public Transportation (Even Though They Don't Pay Taxes)?

Commuter Cat Is Star of Bus Route, BBC News, July 29, 2009. This cat uses a Devon (England) bus regularly to get around town. The driver apparently doesn't collect a fare (where would Felix carry a bus token?) If feline passengers don't cause a fuss and follow bus rules, well, why shouldn't they be allowed on board?

The bus riding cat has died, the victim of a hit and run. Rest in peace, Casper.

Should Cats Be Consulted in Custody Cases?

Raymond v. Lachmann, 264 A. D. 2d 340; 695 N. Y. S. 2d 308; 1999 N. Y. App. Div. LEXIS 8779 (1999) (defendant who had cared lovingly for cat for four years was entitled to keep it)

Can a Cat's Murder Support a Felony Conviction?

People v. Sadowski, 155 Cal. App. 3d 332; 1984 Cal. App. LEXIS 1984; 202 Cal. Rptr. 201; 55 A. L. R. 4th 1075 (1984) (cert. den'd) (appellant's conviction for grand theft with regard to taking and killing of cat consistent with statute)

Do Cats Get More Than One Bite?

Judd v. Zupon, 297 Minn. 38; 209 N. W. 3d 423; 1973 Minn. LEXIS 1055 (1973) (plaintiff failed to show, as required by statute, that Siamese cats which attacked her were vicious or dangerous animals)

Cats and Their Partisans

Fonseca v. Ventura, 1997 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 2164 (1997) (defendant immune from suit arising from his prosecution of plaintiff for allowing cats to run wild; cats not subject to local leash law)

Jones v. Robinson, 2001 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 13971 (2001) (sheriff's deputy did not violate plaintiff's civil rights when using minimal force to prevent plaintiff from seizing cat plaintiff believed was victim of abuse)

People v. Cooper, 64 Cal. App. 2d Supp. 946; 149 P. 2d 86; 1944 Cal. App. LEXIS 1255 (1944) (mere possession of cat does not constitute nuisance)

Poag v. Humane Society of Lawton, 907 F. Supp. 1487; 1995 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 18994; 33 Fed. R. Serv. 3d (Callaghan) 186 (1995) (plaintiff's suit for replevin of cats seized by Humane Society dismissed because statute of limitations had run)

Sara Lipka, The Cat People, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 27, 2007, at 40 (describing a volunteer program at Stanford University to care for feral cats).

Cats and the Right of Association

Giving Cats Space: Kingston, Jennifer A., 'Catios' Bring Cats Indoors, New York Times, June 16, 2010.

Nahrstedt v. Lakeside Village Condominium Association, 8 Cal. 4th 361; 878 P. 2d 1275; 1994 Cal. LEXIS 4555; 33 Cal. Rptr. 2d 63; 94 Cal. Daily Op. Service 6859; 94 Daily Journal DAR 12534 (1994) (Condominium association rule barring owners from having cats does not violate public policy)

May Cats Refuse To Associate? "Cat Lady To Paris: `I'm Keeping Your Pussy!'"

May Cats Roam Free?

       Helen Pidd, German Officials Order All Stray Cats To Be Neutered, The Guardian, March 24, 2011.

Are Cats Unreasonably Dangerous Animals?

Boyer v. Seal, 555 So. 2d 827 (1989); 1989 La. LEXIS 2964 (if cat causes third party to trip, owner does not bear risk of injury since domestic cat not unreasonably dangerous animal)

What Constitutes Animal Cruelty?

Noeleen G. Walder, Owner Charged With Cruelty For Failing to Treat Cat's Ailments, N.Y.L.J., March 28, 2008. People v. Walsh, 2007NY022001 holds that an owner may be charged for failing to seek medical care for his fifteen year old cat's hurt paw and other ailments.

Pickled Cat Gets New Home, New Name. Police apparently saved a kitty from an uncertain fate when they pulled a Buffalo, NY man over for running a stop sign. While looking into his vehicle they found a cat marinating; he told them he was taking the feline, which he identified as a female to the animal shelter. Seems it was actually a neutered male. The cat is now on its way to a new home, and its former owner is facing animal cruelty charges.

Woman Filmed Dumping Cat In Wheelie Bin In Coventry

Should Cats Be Denied Credit?

Messiah the Cat Gets Credit Card With $4000 Limit . This well-heeled kitty got a Bank of Queensland VISA with a $4200 line of credit--enough for lots of toys and a makeover at his favorite cat spa, but Mom eventually turned him in. The bank said the card had been issued "in error." But there's no proof he wouldn't pay his bills. From his picture he doesn't look like a footloose feline.

Should Cats Serve On Juries?

Sal Esposito wants off jury duty. Well, it's litter-ally true he can't read English. (This story has nine lives).

Cats Who Slink Their Way To Diplomas

Online Degrees Qualify Cat To Be Your Shrink. We deplore puppy mills. But how do we feel about diploma mills, if they give felines diplomas? Maybe they're just certifying what we already know.


Drake Bennett, Lawyer For the Dog, Boston Globe, September 9, 2007. Both dogs and cats are the subjects of custody battles.

Michael Cieply, Herding Cats For Hollywood, Media Decoder, NY Times, December 16, 2012. Ah, the lure of Hollywood.

Boys Charged in Cat Torture Investigation.

Cat Caught Smuggling Saws and Mobile Phone Into Brazilian Prison. The Guardian (via Reuters, Jan. 7, 2013). Has to be seen to be believed. This cat will undoubtedly plead duress. Or arguments in the alternative. "Honest, officer. I had NO idea saws and mobile phones were taped to my body. Or if I knew, I didn't know they weren't permitted in the building. Or if I knew they weren't permitted in the building, I didn't know it was a prison. Or if I knew it was a prison, I didn't know what they were for. Or if I knew what they were for, I didn't know who they were for. Or if I knew who they were for, I didn't know I was a cat. Or if I know I'm a cat, I'm not subject to human laws. Leave me alone. I want a lawyer. And tuna. A LOT of tuna. Give me the mobile phone to call my attorney and the saw to cut up the tuna."

Cat Helps School Crossing Guards, CNN.

Cat Surprises Reporter During Live Shot, WAFB 9, July 6, 2012. Some cats just stroll the sidewalk. And some cats have career objectives.

The Cats of Cairo, Time Mag., Feb. 12, 2011. Pets suffer as humans rise up against Egypt's Hosni Mubarek.

Coyotes, Not Curiosity, Are Killing These Campus Cats, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 14, 2008

Fat Cat a Victim of Foreclosure. Princess Chunk is really a boy kitty. His owner can no longer care for him, but now he's a media darling, staying at the Park Meridien, on a diet, and well on his way to a new home.

Hank, Cat of the People, Is Running For Senate

Judge Blocks Execution of Boots the Cat, Edward Tan. After Georgia Dvorak died, she didn't want her beloved cat Boots to end up in the wrong home, so she put instructions in her will that he should be euthanized. But alert bank officials, in charge of her estate, went to court to block those instructions, and a judge agreed. More here. But really--a wills & trusts attorney could have pointed out that Ms. Dvorak, worth $1.3 million, and already leaving her estate to various animal charities, could have provided for Boots in the form of a trust.

P. J. Huffstutter, Wisconsin Bill Outlines Rules For Pet Custody, L. A. Times, July 15, 2007.

Kitten, thrown into traffic, rescued

Larry "Happy" Over Downing Street Move, BBC News, Feb. 15, 2011.  A rescued tabby becomes the newest Chief Mouser at Number 10 Downing Street. Carry on, Moggie.

A Paw Performance (Larry fired over poor mousing)

Sara Lipka, The Cat People, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 28, 2007

Missing Cat Turns Up on TV Show, BBC News, July 2, 2009. This cat's human didn't even know he was missing until a neighbor saw him on the tube. Clearly he wanted his fifteen minutes of fame and knew how to get it.

No Mouse Is Safe: Cat Gets World's First Bionic Paws, AP, June 25, 2010

Samuel Maull, NY Prosecutor: Jealous Boyfriend Brutalized Cat, AP, Sept. 18, 2008. Former baseball player, actor, on trial for aggravated cruelty to animals in death of girlfriend's cat, Norman. Defense attorney says it was unintentional.

Prosecutors Consider Retrial in Cat-Killing Case, CNN.com, September 29, 2008. The jury has deadlocked in defendant's trial for the killing of Norman, an orange tabby.

Andy Newman, Cat Lovers Appreciate Soul Mate in Vatican, N. Y. Times, April 21, 2008.

Spin Me Round, Baby, Right Round!

Squealing Cat Caught in Toilet (the fire department saved him)

Kim Campbell Thornton, Getting Dogged: When Your Pet Cheats On You, MSNBC, September 26, 2008. What happens when kitty abandons you for better digs. Can you allege alienation of affections?

Debbye Turner, Custody Battles Over Pets, The Early Show, August 25, 2004.




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