Aaron Elkins' cultural anthropologist Gideon Oliver discovers a lost Native American tribe in The Dark Place (1983).

Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon is a park ranger who invariably finds dead bodies among the flora and fauna.

Jessica Speart's Gator Aide features environmentalist Rachel Porter in a Louisiana locale. Carl Hiaasen's Florida-based mysteries include []. Dan O'Brien's Brendan Prairie (1996) is set in South Dakota. An environmental scientist tries to save some endangered plant species in Rebecca Rothenberg=s The Shy Tulip Murders (1996).  Neal Stephenson's Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller (1988) is a Massachusetts-based mystery. Robert O. Greer tackles environmental crimes in Colorado in The Devil's Hatband (1996). Gerald M. Ford's Who In Hell is Wanda Fuca? (1995) features a Washington state based mystery. Eileen Charbonneau, Waltzing in Ragtime (1996) teams a park ranger and a journalist in a mystery. J. G. Ballard (Empire of the Sun) sets his novel Rushing to Paradise (1995) in the Pacific. Tennessee boasts an environmental mystery in McCampbell's War (1986) by Robert Herring. Lee Wallingford, Clear-Cut Murder (1992), as the title implies, is about the logging industry, and is set in Oregon. Lionel Derrick's Death Ray Terror (1979) offers a combination of nuclear threats and environmental concerns in New Mexico.  Anna Ashwood-Collins's sleuth Abigail Doyle investigates environmental crime in New York in Deadly Resolution (1989). The ever-popular Ann Cleeves' Another Man's Poison (1993) features George and Molly Palmer-Jones. Other environmental mysteries includes Judy Hughes, The Snowmobile Kidnapping (1980). Rex Burns sets his novel Endangered Species (1993) in Denver. In Claire Francis' A  Killing Wind (1992) an environmentalist and a rock musician team up to investigate nefarious doings in the agricultural chemical industry. Alan Russell's The Forest Prime Evil (1992) is a creepy tale about crime and the logging industry, set in California. Edward Abbey's Hayduke Lives! (1990) and The Monkey Wrench Gang (1991) are set in the Southwest United States. Envinmental mysteries with a heavy dash of romantic suspense include Jennifer Blake's Shameless () and Tami Hoag's Lucky's Lady (). For more Louisiana mysteries check Buried on the Bayou

 Interactive's Tourer is a web-based environmental project. For information about the environment, the EPA has loaded a website called Environmental Basics.


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