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I. Bibliographies and Research Aids

II. General Works

III. Videography

IV. Webliography

V. Exhibits

VI. Special Topics

VIA. Human Rights and Drama: General Materials

VIB. Juries

VIC. Right to a Fair Trial

VID. The Intersection Between Law School and Drama School

Bibliographies and Research Aids

Breen, Jon L., Novel Verdicts: A Guide to Courtroom Fiction (1984).

Gilbar, The "10 Best" Courtroom Novels Ever, 2 California Lawyer 71 (1982).

General Works

The image of the courtroom as a theater in which life and death dramas are played is a very common one. A related topic is the presence of cameras in the courtroom. What effect does breaching "the fourth wall" have on the behavior of lawyers, judges, juries, parties and spectators? Do they "play to the camera" as some charged during the O.J. Simpson murder trial? See Internet Resources on Cameras in the Courtroom.

Algeo, Ann M., The Courtroom as Forum: Homicide Trials by Dreiser, Wright, Capote, and Mailer (Dissertation, Lehigh University, 1992).

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Barthes, Roland, Writers--Intellectuals--Teachers, in Image 192 (1977).

Barthes, Roland, Mythologies (Annette Lavers, trans. 1972).

Includes Dominici, or the Triumph of Literature, at 43. Discussion of the real-life trial record of a shepherd as literature.

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Complainte et DÚtail de la ProcÚdure Criminelle de la Femme Braiser (179-?) (Eighteenth Century French Literature). One Microform reel, 35 mm. Contains poem about the crime as well as a version of the trial.

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Discusses legal training of various playwrights including Beaumont, Marston, Ford and Middleton.

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One of My Wives Is Missing (TVM 1976). Remade as Vanishing Act (TVM 1986). A man reports his new wife missing; the question is, does she exist?

Rehearsal for Murder (TVM 1982). A playwright decides to reconstruct the death of his fiancee through a new play.

Vanishing Act (TVM 1986). Mike Farrell is the bewildered newlywed in this version of the play Trap For a Lonely Man; remake of  One of My Wives Is Missing.


Anatomy of a Murder (interactive website)

The 19th Century London Stage: An Exploration


  • University of Texas Law School, Tarlton Law Library Exhibit: "Law on Stage: Where Law and Theater Collide".

The Law Library's fall semester 1999 exhibit "highlights several connections between the legal world and the world of the theatre. Included are materials on legal costume, courtroom dramas, and theater regulation. The main portion of the exhibit illustrates the role of the English Inns of Court in the development of early modern drama. Also prominent is the display on law "follies", the comedic revues of law societies. The exhibit is composed of photographic reproductions of rare book and manuscript materials from Tarlton Law Library's Rare Books & Special Collections as well as the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center's Library and Theatre Arts Collection. The exhibit is open to the public in the Law School Atrium and will be on view from September 20, 1999 to January 3,   2000. For additional information, contact the exhibit's curator, Stephanie Swenson Towery, at the Tarlton Law Library, (512) 232-3802 or via email at stowery@mail.law.utexas.edu."

 VI. Special Topics

A. Human Rights and Drama: General Materials

Drama and Film

Listservs Devoted to Law and the Arts

HUMLAW-L Send subscription requests to humlaw-l to listproc@assocdir.wuacc.edu.

Websites of Interest

B. Juries

On the jury in the trial movie see Carol J. Clover, God Bless Juries! in Refiguring American Film Genres: History and Theory 255 (Nick Browne ed.; 1988), Carol J. Clover, Judging Audiences: The Trial Movie, in Film Studies 142 (Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams eds.; 1998), and Carol J. Clover, Movie Juries, 48 DePaul L. Rev. 389 (1998).

One of the common themes in jury movies is the individual juror's examination of his or her biases, which relates directly to the question of the possibility of justice.

Movies that feature juries include

Adam's Rib (MGM, 1949). Extensive voir dire scenes.

Anatomy of a Murder

Double Take

Inherit the Wind (). Voir dire scenes.

The Juror (1996).

Jury Duty (TriStar/Sony Video, 1995).

A Jury of Her Peers (1980). Based on the story by Susan Glaspell.

A Killer Among Us (DBA Entertainment, 1990). A jury member begins to suspect a fellow juror is guilty of the crime. 

Ladies of the Jury

Member of the Jury (1937).

Musical Justice (Paramount Pictures, 1931). Three sketches involving Rudy Vallee on law-related themes.

Perfect Strangers (Warner Brothers, 1950). Ginger Rogers and Dennis Morgan find themselves on a jury, fall in love. Based on the play Ladies and Gentlemen by Ben Hecht.

Swing Vote (TVM 1999). A newly appointed juror finds himself in the position of having to decide the guilt or innocence of a woman who had an abortion.

Trial By Jury (1972). Filmed version of W. S. Gilbert's operetta. Other versions are dated 1974, 1982.

Trial By Jury (Warner Brothers Video, 1994). Plot similar to that of The Juror (1996). A woman juror is pressured to acquit a defendant.

Twelve Angry Men (Orion Home Video, 1997). See Twelve Angry Men.  This film has been recast in both all-female and gender-neutral versions. See references below:

  • Film Versions

    • Twelve Angry Jurors (Indiana University Bloomington School of Law Video, 2000).
    • Twelve Angry Men (Key Video, 1985).
  • Adaptations
    • Reginald Rose, Twelve Angry Women (1955).
  • Bibliography
  • Beyond "twelve angry men : a jury deliberation (1993). Taken from 23 Ariz. St. L.J. (Spring 1991) and Fed. Rep. 2d series.
  • Ken Hogarty, A Marriage of Form and Content: Teaching Twelve Angry Men, in National Council of Teachers of English (1990)(Classroom Practices in Teaching English; 25).
  • McNelis, Mary A., Twelve Angry Jurors: Learning Through Drama (Master’s thesis, Adelphi University, 1968).
  • Readings on Twelve Angry Men (Russ Munyon ed.; 2000)(Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to American Literature).
  • Study guide for Twelve angry men by Reginald Rose : strategies for teaching the play (1990).

We the Jury (TVM 1996). A jury is faced with deciding between manslaughter and murder.

We're On the Jury (1937).

Television series that feature juries include

Trial by Jury (1987), hosted by Raymond Burr.

C. Right to a Fair Trial. 

In war crimes trials films like The Andersonville Trial and Judgment at Nuremberg the question is whether the judicial system can deliver due process according to principles of natural law or of some specific legal system. In films like Town without Pity, a film set in post-war Germany, an American soldier faces rape charges, an issue brought into today's headlines by recent events in Japan. In Cry Freedom and similar films the filmmakers turn their attention to legal systems that actively repress the expression of fundamental human rights, whether the country be South Africa, the USSR, or the United States. Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys reexamines accusations of rape brought against nine black men by two white women in the Depression South, clearly evoking the active dislike and distrust of minority groups rampant in the United States during that period. Franz Kafka's famous novel The Trial, adapted several times into film, suggests that the legal system itself is fundamentally unknowable, therefore flawed.


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