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Selected Bibliography on Louisiana Culture

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    Gleason's beautiful photographs highlight the historic buildings and lush landscape of Louisiana's capital city.

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  • Sternberg, Mary Ann, Along the River Road: Past and Present on Louisiana's Historic Byway (LSU Press, 1996)

    This paperback serves as both guidebook and historical introduction to the magnificent plantations found along Louisiana's River Road, the highway that parallels the Mississippi River.

  • Turnbull, Martha Barrow, The sixty year garden diary of Martha Turnbull, mistress of Rosedown Plantation, 1836 to 1896 : the legendary gardens of Rosedown as viewed through the words of their creator (Rosedown Plantation and Historic Gardens, 1996).

    Rosedown Plantation's acres of roses and camellias are just one of the attractions of this classic home. The house features French and Italian antiques. Outbuildings of note include a doctor's office.

  • Vals-Denuziere, Jacqueline P., The homes of the planters (Claitors Publishing, 1984).

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