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Law Center Service

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on First Year Curriculum 1996/1997

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Health Law Program 1997/1998

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Student Technology Fee Implementation and Use   1996/1997

Member, Graduate Admissions Committee 1997-2002, 2003--2007

Member, International Programs Committee 2008-

Member, Library Committee 1997/1998

Member, Law Center Scholarship and Lecture Committee, 1998-2003

Member, Law Center Student-Faculty Relations Committee 1999/2000

Member, Law Center Graduate Curriculum Subcommittee, 2002--2003

Member, Law Center Information Technology Group, 2002--2003

Member, New Forms of Scholarship Committee 2009-2010

Faculty co-advisor, Environmental Law Society (1997-2002)

Faculty advisor, Legal Association for Women (1998-2002)


Service to WGS


Member, WGS Candidate Promotion & Tenure Committee, 2010


Screening Committee, Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa 2009/2010