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Resources on Philosophical Underpinnings
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Please see the updated 'ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE, A COMPREHENSIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY' website on Hedgehogs and Foxes.

Christine Alice Corcos

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Cited by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication at its Tocqueville site

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since January 10, 2001

Joyeux anniversaire, Alexis de Tocqueville

Le 29 Juillet 2016





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Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz


New Publications

Frohnen, Bruce P., Constitution-Reading Through Tocqueville's Eyes, 42 Capital University Law Review -- (2014).

Tocquevillian Ideas: Contemporary European Perspectives (Zbigniew Rau and Marek Tracz-Tryniecki eds.; Lanham: University Press of America, 2014).


Upcoming Conferences

The Sixth Annual AHI/Baylor Summer Conference on Tocqueville takes place June 23/24 at the Alexander Hamilton Inn, 21 West Park Row, Clinton, New York, 13323







Please send suggestions for additional references to Christine Corcos. If you are the author of the reference please provide complete bibliographical information. Thank you.

NB: I cannot provide copies of any of the materials cited here. If you need assistance in locating these materials, please try to get assistance from the professional librarians at your home institution.

Table of Contents

  1. Biography and Political Career

  2. General Works

  3. Influence on and Origins of Tocqueville's Thought

  4. Political and Legal Philosophy and Writings on Democracy and Liberalism

  5. Historical Thought and Philosophy of History

  6. Philosophy of Religion and the Role of Religion

  7. Writings on the United States and Canada (including Democracy in America)

  8. Writings on the United Kingdom

  9. Writings on the Old Regime and the French Revolution

  10. Memoirs

  11. Human Rights, Slavery and Race Relations

  12. Social Thought (including Penology) and Education

  13. Aesthetics

  14. Assessments and Interpretations (Including Translations)

  15. Influence and Application of His Thought (including contemporary commentaries)

  16. Tocqueville and His Circle

  17. Alphabetical List of Authors Writing on Tocqueville (Under Construction) NEW

  18. Other Resources

Please send suggestions for additions or corrections to Christine Corcos.

My thanks to Dr. Michael Hereth for the many excellent suggestions he has made to improve this bibliography, and to Dr. Marek Tracz-Tryniecki of the Alexis de Tocqueville Center of Political and Legal Thought, Faculty of Law and Administration, Lodz University, who graciously continues to provide me with citations from the Tocqueville literature. Stephanie Barreras (LSU Law '2012) went through many volumes of Tocqueville's writings to select the quotations on these webpages.

Resources on Alexis de Tocqueville
Resources on Philosophical Underpinnings

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