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Buried on the Bayou:
The Louisiana Mystery and Detective Page

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since November 14, 2000


Louisiana's flags from Spanish exploration to today Brown Pelican



Louisiana's state bird: The Eastern Brown Pelican

Flags and further information available at the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism website


Louisiana in Mystery and Detective Fiction: A Bibliography of Detective, Mystery and Law-Related Fiction    

Eyes on Louisiana: Movies and Television Series Featuring Louisiana Locations

Mysteries By Region (Louisiana)
New Orleans Mysteries
Selected Bibliography on Louisiana Culture

True Crime and Real-Life Mysteries in Louisiana

A Bibliography of Louisiana True Crime
Carnival Crimes: Mardi Gras in Louisiana Law
Charles Pecot, The Bizarre Mystery of the Bayou: A Louisiana Enigma
A Huey Long Page
Paranormal New Orleans
Voodoo Lives on in West Africa

Interesting Links

Links To Other Mystery Websites
The Moonlit Road
Pelican Pages: Links to Other Louisiana Websites

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